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Celebrating 3 Years of Remote Work: 19,000kg Less CO2 Emissions Through our Project Management! 🌱

Over the past three years, while working remotely and utilizing project management tools, we have managed to slash our carbon footprint by 19,000kg per FTE at Cloud PMO.

This achievement reflects our deep commitment to sustainability. Thanks to our incredible clients and team members for making it happen!

Curious about how we achieved this? Contact us to learn more about our eco-friendly initiatives and how we can help your organization! #Sustainability #RemoteWork #ClimateAction

Work efficient

Why spend millions on technology and hassle? We use technology that works 100% from our workplace, we are always connected and ready to manage projects. 

smooth project management.

With our ”smooth project management” we have thru experince, projectmetodology and technology created a efficient service

Contact us for more information how we can work more efficient in your organisation projects

We do: Project management

We know by experince, its not always a FTE that is needed for every project, therefore we offer based on what you need, 10 – 100%
Contact us and lets find out what you need.


Office working 5% remote 6910Kg of CO2 emission per year


Office working 20% remote 5818Kg of CO2 emission per year


CLOUD PMO 100% remote 6174Kg of CO2 emission less per year

Our service both on site but mainly remote, therefore we can save both enviroment and time/cost

Reducing carbon footprint



– Digital archive
– Automation
– Procurement
– Due Diligence



– Datacentre
– Security
– Server
– Print
– Workstation
– Mail
– Procurement
– Cloud services
– Network
– Automation

Management & Guidance

– IT Project management
– IT Management technical architect
– CIO & business development
– IT Procurement & contract


Tech Project manager 25% FTE


Junior Project manager 50% FTE


Senior Project manager 100% FTE

We offer the project manger role in many diffrent flavors. We can offer specialized needs because we work dynamic

Dynamic & Flexible

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